the Deer and the Bear
Welcome! I am a small scale coffee roaster supplying hand roasted coffee on a subscription basis.

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now available online

Newly available online, you can now order coffee by the bag through the website! Espresso, Dark Horse, and both Single Origin options are being roasted to order every Tuesday. So order now and get great coffee in the mail!

My Take on 

The Coffee

I started the Deer & the Bear as a way to explore my interests in coffee. I’ve always loved coffee from the time that I was a kid smelling my Dad’s early morning coffee to when it helped me through grad school. Over the years I’ve also grown to appreciate its nuances and the rituals around the drink. I’ve learned how different beans, the type of brewing, and the roast can change your experience.


With this in mind, I started this roastery to explore the world of coffee beans and how a coffee can change based on where it’s grown, how it’s processed, and how it’s roasted. Every season I’ll be offering new coffees and new roasts. I’ll always have two single origins, one espresso blend, and one darker roast available for you to chose from.


Check out the current season’s coffee offerings.  If you want to come along, please subscribe.




New from Ethiopia


I’m introducing a new single origin from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. This will be my new single origin with fruit leaning tasting notes. Specifically this one has raspberry and a hint of dark chocolate as it’s most prominent tasting notes. The roast is lighter to highlight the coffee’s fruity flavors.

Cozy Fruity Sweatshirt

I’m so excited about the new single origin coffee from Ethiopia that I made a sweatshirt. It’s cozy and and you can carry a whole bag of coffee it it’s pocket!


The Current Coffee Offerings

My coffees rotate on a seasonal basis. Every season will have the following categories of coffee: a chocolaty single origin, a fruity single origin, a darker roasted coffee and an espresso blend. The coffees that fall into these categories will occasionally rotate. Click below to see the current season’s offerings.