Raspberry Smoothie

This blend is composed of 30% Ethiopian bean from the region of Sidamo that has notes raspberry and dark chocolate. The other 70% is a Papua New Guinea washed bean from the region of Siane Chimbu. This is a lighter espresso with notes of berries, banana, and dark chocolate that still goes great in milk drinks.

Raspberry, Banana, Chocolate

single origin – fruit

Sidamo, Ethiopia

This new Ethiopian coffee is soooo good! It has tasting notes of berries and banana with a light body to it. The roast for this coffee is on the lighter side of medium to keep it a nice clean fruity cup. This is a great coffee for drip, aeropress, or any filtered extraction method but of course it can be prepared however you like it! Grind this one a little finer.

Raspberry, Dark Chocolate

single origin – chocolate


This coffee is a foray into the world of natually processed coffee with a chocolaty taste that has a bit of raisin or dried fruit added to it. I’ve found that this coffee can easily have burnt notes to it if it isn’t roasted carefully. Therefore, I am roasting it on the lighter side of medium in order to bring out the fruity undertones to the chocolate.



dark horse


This coffee from Tanzania has been roasted to the darker side of medium to accentuate it’s dark chocolate notes, but it still finishes with a bit of citrus. This is a great coffee in either a drip or pulling it as an espresso and can go great with milk. The coffee is from the Kilimanjaro region by Smallholder farmers.

Dark Chocolate,

Citrus, Nuts

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Newly available online, you can now order coffee by the bag through the website! Espresso, Dark Horse, and both Single Origin options are being roasted to order every Tuesday. So order now and get great coffee in the mail!